Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why I love sportweight sock yarn

This is two days of knitting (Tuesday and Thursday - Wednesday I didn't get to it). I've turned the heel on both socks. It may look familiar, unfortunately.
This time there are no pooling issues, and hopefully will be no fit issues (if there is one it'll be bagginess). I'm using beaded rib, which isn't my favorite for this yarn but if it means I don't get crazy pooling I'll deal. I'm hoping to have an FO post up by Saturday!


Knit Nurse said...

Go girl! Don't let that darn yarn beat you! (besides it's too pretty to bin!)

Jakki said...

I luv sportweight yarn, too! Several of my first socks were sportweight. I think I would have given up if I'd tried using fingering weight yarn to learn how to knit socks!

Looking forward to seeing the finished pair.

(Thanks for your comments on my blog -- can't figure out how to reply directly -- but, I do appreciate you stopping by!)