Monday, February 19, 2007

They're done!

Sweetie's socks.

Knitpicks Memories in Yukon, knit on 80 stitches with size 0 Knitpicks circular. Stockinette with short-row toes and heels. Nice and simple! And done!

I've been enjoying my break - I've finished two books so far (Teacher Man and Stiff, which I couldn't put down even when I was eating, even though it was disturbing and I wasn't even sure that I wanted to be reading it at all). I got my copy of Sensational Knitted Socks, but I'm going to wait to do anything from them because I decided to use my Memories Cape Cod colorway for a pair of stockinette socks, with beige toes, heels and cuffs. So now I'm off to cast them on! And this time, since I finished my Sock-a-Month pair, there's no time pressure and I might even cast on for more than one pair at a time!


Teal said...

Sweetie's socks are very handsome. My top down pattern says to knit 10 inches before the heel flap which seems exceptionally long to me. What do you think?

rahime said...

Before the heel flap? That seems like a lot...they will shrink lengthwise when they stretch onto your leg though. Stretch them way out around a bottle or something and see how long they are then. But will you really have enough yarn for two socks that long?

Teal said...

I decided to stop at 7.5 inches which seemed long enough to me. I have no idea whether I have sufficient yarn for the longer length but don't really want calf high socks.

rahime said...

That should be plenty long. I want to knit the Mountain Bearfoot yarn next, and I think rather than knit from the center and outside of the ball simultaneously, I'm going to ask the science teachers if I can use their scale to figure out when I'm halfway by weight. They'll think I'm weird, but that's okay. I already told them about Emi knitting molecular structures at MIT.