Wednesday, April 18, 2007

They're done!

But they slouch. Darnit.
After I see how they wear I'll write up a thing about the yarn and everything. The basic details are:
Great Adirondack Yarn Co Soxie, Tropicana colorway
Size 0 dpns, toe-up, 2x2 rib
I threw some random garter ridges in for interest but they're overshadowed by the bright colors so I really shouldn't have bothered - it would have worked better in a plainer yarn. *If* you notice them they look cool, but they're not very noticeable.

I've already cast-on for the next project, but they're for a swap so no pics or details. I'll have to find something else to blog about!


Teal said...

Very pretty. I read somewhere that the base yarn for Adironack Soxie is Koigu.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful colors! Those are such happy socks.

DDKK said...

Is that the same sock as the previous post? The colours look soooo different - although they are both beautiful! (and I STILL love the shoes, perfect for showing off your hand knit socks!). Get well soon....antoin