Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Okay, okay

I'll post something. If I have to. The thing is, I don't have much to show for myself - the swap item is almost half done, but I won't be posting about that until it's done, packed off and received.
I cast on again for the Santa Fe socks - only not with the size 3's. On a whim I tried 1's, and Oh My Goodness the fabric is so soft and squishy! I can't stop fondling it while I knit and fantasizing about how it'll feel on... I *may* have cast on way too many stitches, but I just can't tell yet. The pooling doesn't seem to be a problem...

I've acquired some sport weight sock yarns lately, and after this sock I can't wait to use some of them! Although it may be time to start knitting cotton blend socks so I can wear them in the summer.

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Teal said...

Very pretty. You can't get away from those tiny needles!