Monday, July 09, 2007

One more pair done

The Geranium socks are done! And here they are:

I really wanted a picot edge at the cuff, but after some googling and thought I decided against the kind where you do a row of yarnovers and then keep knitting a stockinette bit that gets turned inside the sock and sewn down to the inside edge - I don't yet want picots that badly, i.e. I'm too lazy. I tried Knitty's picot tutorial but found it was rolling. So I ended up doing 3-4 rows or so of 1x1 rib and using a sewn bind-off as usual. The very tiny bit of ribbing is also cute - not quite as cute as picots, but I like it too.

I ended up frogging that Fleece Artist sock - once I got up close to my heel, it was too tight. I keep forgetting that I should make them a little *too* big down by the toe in order to end up with a sock that fits exactly how I want. Oh well. I've set it aside for now because that failure killed my motivation for working with it for the moment.

So now I get to go shopping (in my own stash, of course) for my next project. Excitement!


karrie said...

You chickened out on the picots! Maybe next time :)

Cat said...

How cute! You're almost making me want to tackle another pair of socks.

Knit Nurse said...

hmm, I would have liked to see the picot too - darn, now I'll have to experiment myself!