Sunday, November 26, 2006

I guess I have to stop whining

about other people not updating their blogs, if I don't either.

Haven't been knitting hardly at all - I want to kick myself in the butt, I don't know WHY, but I just can't seem to do it. However, I have cleaned up and organized my living room and it is much, much improved and makes me feel all calm and happy when I look at it. Now for the bedroom and kitchen, and life will be goooood.

I'm supposed to be working on lesson plans, and also just can't seem to do it. I'm browsing various websites instead. But, but, my house is clean! Kind of! So I am a virtuous person! Who will be whiny and grouchy when she realizes, later tonight, that she is in no way ready for Monday. Sigh.

I also had my first real shopping Black Friday. We FINALLY got a wireless router, and a navigation system (for less than half of what we'd budgeted! We have $70 left over from what we had saved up for it), and a wireless headset for my husband's phone when he drives, and, AND - I got a sewing machine! Completely unexpectedly. I'd been tossing around the idea in my head, because it makes a lot of sense, but I was afraid I'd buy it and then never use it. But I walked past one on sale, deeply discounted, and decided to go for it. I got some clearance fabric, a pattern and some remnants and now I'm really really thinking about opening it up and trying it out (instead of doing the aforementioned lesson plans, of course) but the thought of those same aforementioned lesson plans is stopping me.

Someday I'll be one of those people who wakes up early and jumps right into their to-do list...right? How do I go about that? It's like a secret club I don't know how to join.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The demise of my knitting funk has been greatly exaggerated...

Blah. My mom's socks fit her, so maybe I'll finish up the cuff, teach myself 3-needle bind-off and be done with something.

Started my friend's sweater over, but in seed stitch and I can't keep track of whether I'm supposed to knit or purl and keep ending up with ribbing. Beh.

No progress on anything else...and I don't feel good about it. I just got an ipod so maybe I'll do a quick knit or - ooh!- crocheted ipod cover to get my groove back...