Monday, March 05, 2007

Quick and dirty

- here is a picture of my Cape Cod socks. (One of them, but they're both done.) There is a TON of ribbing at the top, because I consistently underestimate how far my yarn is going to go, and switched to ribbing way too early.

Now I have to decide whether or not to count them as my March socks for Sock a Month - it doesn't seem fair if I knit a significant amount of them in February, even if it is allowed. I'd rather push myself to finish the Bearfoot socks on time. Ideally, that won't need pushing, but who knows. I've been assuming the Cape Cod socks would be finished TODAY for about three days now so I don't think I'm a reliable source for these kinds of estimates. Now to block them, and hope that they're dry by morning so I can wear them to work tomorrow!

1 comment:

DDKK said...

Is the yarn dyed to create the white toes and heels, or is this a different yarn?