Thursday, September 28, 2006

Working my way up the calf of the socks. It really does go a lot faster after turning the heel. They seem excessively long and skinny and I'm really worried about them fitting - I'm following the Knitty pattern where you plug in measurements and I'm hoping it's accurate. Mom's feet are much narrower than mine, so maybe I shouldn't worry that I can't fit them on my feet... can't fit her shoes on either.

Other than that (which I work on at school, often while teaching) I haven't gotten much done on anything else. Fasting is really kicking my *** this year - I fall asleep every day when I get home, wake up to eat, and fall asleep again. Today I decided to stay up after eating at 4, so I might get something done, but everything else has to wait for the weekend.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I can't believe how much it's possible to get done in one day when one wakes up before 12 on the weekend! Among my achievements are a moderately clean house, and substantial progress on the wrap sweater. It's knit on 10.5s with two strands of vintage thick-and-thin wool I got at an upstate Goodwill several years ago. It's a little fuzzy, but I figured for an almost-free fast knit I could deal.

I really, really want to cast on for some more socks or for some sort of shrug or wrap in my deep heathery red Wool of the Andes... and all progress on my circular shrug is on hold until I can find some size 9 dpns as I've now decreased too much for my circular needle to handle. But I want to at least finish my mom's socks first. Maybe I'll go turn that second heel right now.
Nobody's updated their I guess I'll do mine. Although I hope nobody reads it - this is very much a practice blog. I don't WANT anybody to read it until I figure out how it all works and whatnot.

Still no FOs, but I have turned the heel on Mom's socks (when I start to add pictures of things...maybe that's when this stops being a practice-blog). Which hopefully means I'm almost done, because I'm almost two months behind on my holiday sock plan. Good thing it's almost Socktoberfest.

The house isn't clean either. Beh. Well, if I'm awake at 10 am on a weekend, and drinking a large iced coffee, things look a bit more promising than usual on that front. Inshallah.

Edited: It's raining. How appropriate. I haven't decided yet if I want to add a header explaining the blog's title or not. Not sure I could explain it - it's very personal.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Knitting therapy vs. a clean house

After a bad weekend, I need something to make me feel
a. better,
b. competent, and
c. calmer, ASAP.
Which pretty much means I need an FO. I also need a clean house, and dinner. But I think knitting will win out.

My current WIPs are basic ribbed socks for my mom, a wrap sweater, and a circular shrug. But having indulged in stash therapy (ie. buying a bunch of yarn) yesterday mid-bad-weekend, I can also now indulge in the process of deciding what to make out of all my new yarn. I guess my bit of self control after all of this indulgence will be NOT casting on for a new project until I have the aforementioned FO - hopefully the socks. (Do fingerless gloves I already finished count if I finally weave in the ends?)