Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nobody's updated their I guess I'll do mine. Although I hope nobody reads it - this is very much a practice blog. I don't WANT anybody to read it until I figure out how it all works and whatnot.

Still no FOs, but I have turned the heel on Mom's socks (when I start to add pictures of things...maybe that's when this stops being a practice-blog). Which hopefully means I'm almost done, because I'm almost two months behind on my holiday sock plan. Good thing it's almost Socktoberfest.

The house isn't clean either. Beh. Well, if I'm awake at 10 am on a weekend, and drinking a large iced coffee, things look a bit more promising than usual on that front. Inshallah.

Edited: It's raining. How appropriate. I haven't decided yet if I want to add a header explaining the blog's title or not. Not sure I could explain it - it's very personal.

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