Sunday, September 17, 2006

Knitting therapy vs. a clean house

After a bad weekend, I need something to make me feel
a. better,
b. competent, and
c. calmer, ASAP.
Which pretty much means I need an FO. I also need a clean house, and dinner. But I think knitting will win out.

My current WIPs are basic ribbed socks for my mom, a wrap sweater, and a circular shrug. But having indulged in stash therapy (ie. buying a bunch of yarn) yesterday mid-bad-weekend, I can also now indulge in the process of deciding what to make out of all my new yarn. I guess my bit of self control after all of this indulgence will be NOT casting on for a new project until I have the aforementioned FO - hopefully the socks. (Do fingerless gloves I already finished count if I finally weave in the ends?)

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