Thursday, September 28, 2006

Working my way up the calf of the socks. It really does go a lot faster after turning the heel. They seem excessively long and skinny and I'm really worried about them fitting - I'm following the Knitty pattern where you plug in measurements and I'm hoping it's accurate. Mom's feet are much narrower than mine, so maybe I shouldn't worry that I can't fit them on my feet... can't fit her shoes on either.

Other than that (which I work on at school, often while teaching) I haven't gotten much done on anything else. Fasting is really kicking my *** this year - I fall asleep every day when I get home, wake up to eat, and fall asleep again. Today I decided to stay up after eating at 4, so I might get something done, but everything else has to wait for the weekend.

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