Thursday, September 20, 2007

They're done! And the fit is amazing. The colors aren't my favorite ever (I think it's the greeny-yellow flecked stripes - I really really wish they were just green) but they fit so well that I just don't care.

Now I'm fighting the urge to cast on something new, and trying to finish my second Happy Orange Trekking sock - today is my day off and since I'm exhausted, I'm not planning on making even the pretence of doing any housework. I'm going to knit and watch my Netflix movies, and that's it. (Can you hear the sigh of relief?)


Lynn said...

Came here from SAM4 KAL and wanted to tell you what great socks these are!! They are just so happy and I think they'd make winter much more doable. Great job!

Teal said...

I like them! Wish I had a day off to knit.

Lauren said...

Nice socks!

How I love those "knit and watch netflix" days. I was thinking of having one myself.