Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oops, so much for posting twice more this week - although if I post again tomorrow I suppose I will have managed it.

I've had a few days of quiet knitting time - Ramadan started Thursday, and coincidentally we had Thursday and Friday off for Rosh Hashanah. It's been really nice to not have to go to work for the first few days of fasting, and I've been able to start and (so far) get through the heel turn and flap on the second Luna Park sock. I have to say, it is hands down the best-fitting sock I've ever knit for myself (well, the first one is, and hopefully the second one's going to resemble it). I'm definitely converted to heel flaps, although now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with variegated yarns that will pool with a gusset - I might have to knit short-row heels, knowing how badly they're going to fit (they slip and slide around on my foot - down into my shoe, or up over the heel - everywhere but where they're supposed to sit).

My newest knitting challenge just transpired to be much bigger of a challenge than it was supposed to be. I finally remembered to have Sweetie ask my mother-in-law (I could've asked myself, but I forgot until I'd passed the phone onto him) what size her foot is and what color she'd like. She insisted to him that I already knew what size her feet were, and exactly what color she would want, but was inveigled into giving away her foot size at least. But now I have to pick out The Perfect Color of Her Dreams, and of course I have no idea what it is. The only solution's going to be to knit at least 3 pairs in different colors and hope that she likes them. Gahhh...

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Knit Nurse said...

ooh, I don't envy you that challenge! Good luck!