Saturday, September 08, 2007

Apologies for not being around! I've had quite the week - ridiculous, funny, but stressful nonetheless. To sum it up, I had the police called on me at work! (Not by my work) On a complaint that would have been serious if it had any basis in truth, but since it was all made up it was quickly dismissed. After all, there were over 20 witnesses! The whole thing was pretty funny, but still stressful.

I've been hoping to move on to more complex patterns in my sock knitting, but now that I'm back at work again, I'm having to accept that I'm just not going to have the time and concentration I'll need, and I shouldn't feel bad about knitting stockinette sock after stockinette sock.

On that note:

Here are my latest efforts. This is Luna Park yarn, which I came across in a yarn store and just had to buy because I'd never heard of it before. I bought this rainbow-y colorway, and a pretty olive and navy one.

Then there's the Happy Orange Trekking sock, on which I'm also plugging away, and which I think I'll work on today since I could use that orange color's powers of cheeriness.

Next week I'll make it my goal to post at least twice.


Jakki said...

I like the very cheery colors!

Teal said...

Love the colors in this sock. Work does get in the way of knitting doesn't it.