Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Perhaps I was premature

in announcing the advent of Vinnland - it's been frogged. Thank you for the comments on it though! I knew I had messed up the chart somehow, but when I picked them up and paid close attention to the next row so as to get it right, I realized that I now had the wrong number of stitches - somewhere along the line I messed up the M1s and ssks, but I didn't know where or how best to fix it, and right now I need mindless knitting (more on that in a bit) so I frogged immediately and mercilessly. The yarn was Knitpicks Gloss; when I come back to Vinnland I'll use the same yarn, I was liking it a lot.

So why do I need mindless knitting? Well, I'm going through some job stress at the moment. Namely, I think I quit. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I am something like 95%. I'm feeling a lot of relief at the prospect and some twinges of regret, but mostly I'm going over everything again and again in my head and trying to work out whether I'm doing the right thing. So knitting patterns won't be getting anything like the attention a more complex one would deserve.

I'm also treating myself in the meantime - I'm eating cold halal Chinese leftovers for breakfast right now - and last night in that spirit I cast on some Fleece Artist Sea Wool last night:

When I cast on I had plans for a plain sock - maybe not stockinette, maybe ribbed - but when I woke up this morning I felt like using an actual pattern, one that wouldn't mess with the colors too much. I was thinking maybe Cable Twist, maybe Snicket. But on further examination, I decided those patterns are too complicated for my life right now - I'd have to change Cable Twist to toe-up and really mess with the gauge and stitch count, it's written for worsted weight, and Snicket is just more complex than I thought it would be. There's also something I just found on Ravelry, Tangled up in Blue, that's just gorgeous in semi-solid yarn, but I'm not sure how solidish my Fleece Artist is. It seems to be mostly blue with shots of color, but I'm not very good at seeing the end product when I'm looking at a yarn cake. Tangled up in Blue starts out with ribbing, so I think I'll do the same and see how it knits up before I decide whether to do the patterned leg. Perfect knitting for pondering my further career path...


Teal said...

How about the Nancy Bush Rib and Cable Sock on Ravelry? I really like the pair made by lisacb.

Good luck with the job decision. You know what I think!

Jakki said...

I second the "Good luck" on your job situation. Take care!