Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think I was premature regarding the Tangled up in Blue pattern too - 2x2 ribbing made the yarn pool in spirals, which I'd thought Fleece Artist did rarely. I frogged back and continued in stockinette and seem to have a good balance with minimal striping,

and I'm afraid that if I start a pattern or mess with the stitch count I'll end up with inconsistent pooling (if I have to have it, at the very least it ought to pattern consistently throughout the sock) so I think I'll just do another stockinette sock - like the Geranium socks, which I keep abandoning to work on other things!

They're moving along slowly but surely, though. So I'll have two pairs of stockinette socks right after those stripey Regia Silk stockinette socks... and I'm feeling compelled to finish both of them off with a picot edge. But there's nothing wrong with having a bunch of identically patterned socks if I love the pattern, right? I keep telling myself that. I think it's just boring to blog, is all. Speaking of, I've got to start doing things first and then blogging about them, since the only thing that seems to always be true lately is that my plans won't work out. A little chaos builds character...


Teal said...

I think it is more interesting to read about your attempts rather than an edited version that only describes successes.
I've yet to knit with my variegated non-striping yarns but many knitters seem to have difficulties with pooling.

Hilary said...

I like reading about the process too.

I have deep DEEP fear of pooling! And have yet to knit with my hand-dyed variegated sock yarn. I need to try, to get over this fear.

Your stockinette socks are beautiful, I must say.