Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm sick and in hibernation... but I'm moving along well on the Geranium socks (finished turning the second heel - I'm doing them 2 at a time) and have cast on for Vinnland (with some mods). I've already messed up a row or two of the chart, but I think if I keep going correctly it won't be such a big deal... I hope.

The blue socks are stalled at the moment because my new scale for weighing yarn (with school out for the summer, I need a replacement for the science teacher's triple beam balance) is enroute, and I need to weigh the yarn that's left before I continue so I don't use too much.

In other news, we got a countertop dishwasher like this one, and it's amazing. I needed one so badly. So life is good...


Teal said...

Like the Vinnlands. Which yarn are using for them?
Dishwashers are a good thing. Don't know what I would do without mine as I also dislike handwashing dishes in large quantities.

Jakki said...

Oh, the Vinnland pattern looks complicated. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos - and progress reports!

Didn't know there Were countertop dishwashers. But, alas, my small 1940s house is countertop challenged. No floor space for a full-sized model, either.