Monday, January 08, 2007

Turning the heel on Dad's second sock. The first one went really quickly after I turned the heel - but I'm also becoming a much faster sock knitter. Practice makes perfect I guess - good thing, since my sock knitting needs to catch up to my sock yarn buying.

My Not-a-gift socks are stalled - I started feeling guilty about not having finished Dad's.

Tomorrow I teach "knitting club" at school, and I'm curious to see what one girl's been working on. She's informed me that she's knitting a horse - so far it looks like a rectangle, which is all my most advanced students can knit. (All the average ones can produce is wads of tangled yarn.) I really want to see how she's going to form a glorified swatch into a horse - I'm sure she'll come up with something creative I never would have thought of. Kids are great.

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Teal said...

Are you going to keep us hanging about the knitted horse?