Thursday, January 11, 2007

The path to hell!

I had every intention of posting an FO - Dad's socks - today. But instead, last night I feel asleep at 8 pm (even my favorite tv show couldn't keep me up) so I have nothing finished. Maybe tonight, and then I can get cracking on my own socks. And sweetie keeps asking about his hat, now that the weather got cold again...

Oh, and no development on the knitted horse - she forgot to bring her knitting stuff on Tuesday. Maybe today.

Am I paving my own path to hell with all these "maybe today"s? I haven't finished correcting the 6th grade's Ancient India tests either. But for that I at least have the excuse that they couldn't possibly be handed back anyway, since some kids haven't even taken the test yet. For the knitting, there's no excuse.


em-geek said...

Yeah, I'm working on my own hat again now that the weather is finally cold.

And hey, sleep is important! I always figure that if I fall asleep really early like that, I needed the sleep more than anything else. Sleeping late in the morning, though, doesn't get the same excuse :(

Teal said...

You are your mother's daughter...always planning more than is physically possible to accomplish in a given period of time. Em-geek is right about your body knowing what you need and sleep is important.