Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Happy Orange Socks are blocking! I finished them late, so I'm going to wait for better lighting tomorrow before posting a picture (hopefully... assuming I get home while there's still light).

Sweetie's birthday was yesterday, and we had a nice dinner at Dervish, yum. At one point Sweetie left me alone at the table, and I had a brief inner conflict about whether or not it was appropriate to pull out my knitting in a fancy restaurant... especially when I was on the cuff and so close to being finished. At first I was intimidated, but finally decided that if knitting in public is gauche, I don't want to be right, and pulled it out. (There was no visible reaction, unlike once in a less fancy Turkish restaurant when I got an eyeroll from a girl dressed like Paris Hilton, which I thought was rich!) None of the fancy people there who know my husband (apparently we just missed a chance to meet Emine Erdogan , and I am so sorry we didn't. If you ever thought a big deal was being made over Hillary's hair, then you should see the press over Ms Erdogan's headscarf. She's banned from attending almost all government functions because of it) seemed to notice.

I cast on for a new sock! I'll try to post that tomorrow as well.

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