Thursday, August 16, 2007

I wanted to post today

I really really did. And then I picked up my purse on the way out the door to work, and something in my neck went (my purse is not that heavy!). And I went to work anyway, and it hurt, and I took some painkillers, and it got worse. So I came home early and I can't move my neck, and it's cloudy today so there's no picture-taking light. (Not that those things are related...bear with me, I'm in pain.)

So I had the bright idea to just post some pictures from my recent vacation, and set up the camera, and was briefly very confused, forgetting that Sweetie kept borrowing my camera while we were on vacation - there are many pictures on there I didn't recognize, not having taken them myself, many of them featuring my own unsuspecting rear end as I was walking around at various tourist attractions (is that something all guys do? Or does my Sweetie just find stalking his own wife endlessly entertaining?). Once I realized what was going on I felt much better... they're so hilarious I would post one, if it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't be able to control who actually ogled my rear on the internet.

In lieu of that, here are some wacky things we encountered.

A cowboy riding a velociraptor! Double the excitement of regular cowboys and regular dinosaurs! (If anyone [who wasn't on vacation with me] knows where that is, by the way, tell me within a week and I will send you a prize. I don't think I have such an extensive readership that I need to worry about multiple correct responses, but if I get them I'll either send smaller prizes or randomly pick winners. Um, duh, but I just realized that since I provide no e-mail address, the only venue for answers is comments, which will then be visible to everyone, so I'm changing it to "the first correct answer, ever, will get a prize." Still only applicable to people who weren't actually with me at the cowboy-dinosaur statue.) Then we have

Instant Civil War!

We weren't seeking out weirdness, exactly. There is more of it, but I'm afraid posting it would give away the whereabouts of the raptor-riding cowboy so I'll wait. I did knit a little too - and I have pictures, but the camera battery just died and my neck can't stand any more computer.

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Bryony Ramsden said...

That is perhaps the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Is that normal in the US?! I had to look it up then, and I think it might be at Natural Bridge in Virginia? I also see that there is a Foamhenge... That's, ermm, quite strange :)

I don't mind too much about a prize, but please tell me there are some non-dinosaur riding cowboys somewhere there... :D