Sunday, August 05, 2007

I got my computer back!

Oh happy day! (And my camera, and ipod cables, and my diary and the yarn and beads for a second sock I desperately need to knit...)
So of course I got up at 5 am, brewed some hotel-room coffee (double strength - those little packets of coffee they give you are always so disgustingly weak), and gorged on all the knitting blog posts I've missed while I was computerless. And by the time I finished there was some light and I could take this

...a mess of Trekking. Someone and I went in on an order from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions, and it was well worth it. We splurged for the priority, signature-required shipping (what if something happened to the yarn?? Can't have that - better get insured) and it still came out to about $9/ball of Trekking. It's only a good deal if you're going to get a lot. (But who would be able not to? Certainly not me.)
Those unpostable socks haven't gotten much further (see above for the newly recovered yarn) so all I have are a fairly boring Regia Mini Ringel pair for sweetie - I've discovered that knitting socks for him is a useful way of assuaging or deflecting any, ahem, guilt I might feel from my yarn-buying habits. Just don't tell him that's why I'm doing it.


Emilee said...

LOL, good strategy with the sweetie. I'll have to knit some socks for mine, the sweater didn't work out too well.

Jakki said...

Really nice deal on the Trekking yarn! Hmmm, I need to find an "ordering pal" in my area....