Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These are my new stitch markers from Teal, and they're on top of the (old) table I just painted gold! You can't really see the metallic-ness of it because of the angle of the light, but trust me, it's glittery. The surface is still slightly tacky (maybe in both senses of the word; I can't help it, I really like gold-colored furniture) but I really wanted to photograph both together. Aren't the stitch markers pretty?

Today is the last day of my spring break, and I've been cleaning and reorganizing and decluttering and all of that fun stuff. It's just reinforced for me how much I'd like to quit my job and stay home, although I'm not sure Sweetie agrees - I called him today in tears over the "Meth Addict Makeovers" on the Tyra Show and I swear I could hear him *thinking*, over the phone, "If she's home all the time, is she going to call me like this every day?" So maybe it's for the best. But I do think that next year I'm going to request a schedule where I'm off one day every week. I just can't keep up with the housework otherwise; if we had a washing machine and dishwasher (they aren't allowed in our building) or if Sweetie wasn't so busy himself and could help out it would be different, but as it is I do all my work, but the apartment is a disaster and I just can't keep that up.

As for knitting, I've finished the first Rosie sock and am now on the toe of my second Tropical sock. I have a baby sweater I really need to get cracking on because she's growing up, but I'm just not motivated to work on it. But I'll finish my April socks for Sock-a-Month (looks like the Tropical socks will be first) before I force myself to get the baby sweater done.


Emilee said...

Wow, those stitch markers are lovely!

Teal said...

You're welcome. Did you notice that the markers are in "Project Spectrum" colors?

rahime said...

I sure did! They're perfect