Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost Possibilities

I had high hopes of casting this on during school today, since I was giving so many tests. No luck though... I decided yesterday to make this cotton blend a pair of Project Spectrum Socks for April/May, in anticipation of summer.

Picture 003

I'm still almst half done with the swap sock...the sock legs always seem to take forever.

In other news, I guess I've decided NOT to quit my job and keep teaching next year. I've tried a new tactic with the rude older kids - last week two boys tried to hide from me in the boys bathroom, probably assuming I was too demure to follow them in there. Wrong! Unfortunately for them, I'm too stubborn for anybody's good. But I do find that kind of thing just a little soul-killing, so... I started "innocently" assuming that they don't know better, calling them back and well-meaningly "teaching" them polite language, then making them practice it in made-up dialogues with me. It's the first time I've seen any of the punk kids embarassed. Other than when those two boys slinked out of the bathroom after I told them I was coming in. Anyway, my point - I guess the school needs me. There might not be any female teachers next year if I quit, and I think that's something really important for the students, and also I like being an example of a working, car-driving, etc etc "covered" woman because stereotypes about that are rampant, even within the Muslim community. But I'm still asking for a day off.


Knit Nurse said...

I'm sure you've made the right decision long-term. Don't let those little beggars grind you down!

em-geek said...

Good for you for finding new ways to deal with them!

And I love that yarn.