Monday, April 02, 2007

Baby got back...

from Staten Island! Ha ha, was that too cheesy (or too stretched) of a pun? My weekend with the tweens wasn't half bad, although by 7 pm today I was so ready to be out of there. Staying in a three-story mansion filled with probably the same amount of material things we have in our two-room apartment has given me the urge to purge, though... it's my spring break and I think I'm gonna spend at least tonight staying up late having a cleaning party. While Sweetie's asleep of course, because he has work and because he's even more resistant than me to throwing stuff out (and that's saying something): the pile of cassette tapes (cheesy US and Turkish pop) that we 'unpacked' onto the windowsill when we moved here from Central Asia 2 years ago and have stayed there, untouched, ever since? He freaked out in the car when I used them as my example of useless clutter and refuses to even entertain the idea of throwing them out. Had I done so without mentioning it, he never would have noticed.

Anyway, I didn't have to frog the Rosie sock, after all, and in my rush to pack I brought everything I needed to cast on the other socks except the crochet hook for the provisional cast-on, so I managed to get quite a bit done on Rosie. No pictures now; I'm busy planning how I'm going to rearrange my living room after I've thrown out half my stuff.

Oh yeah, and the color change is in honor of the new Project Spectrum color group. I might change it every time, except I doubt I'll find something aesthetically pleasing for the "red black and metallics" bit.


Knit Nurse said...

Woah, that yellow is hard on the eyes! I totally know what you mean about the urge to purge, and the resistance of the Other Ones. I'm going to start nagging soon about the box of tapes in the bottom of the cupboard (many of which are mine, I'll admit) after which I will start on the CDs. I fear I won't have much luck with the latter, even though most of his stuff is now on the computer.

Teal said...

I agree that your page is more difficult to read with the yellow background but it looks so springy that it is worth it. Good luck with the purging. Mr. Teal and I are headed to NYC soon.