Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unfortunate events

This unfortunate picture is all I have today - Sweetie left the camera at work, so I can't take pictures of my almost-done first Bearfoot sock. That's me measuring out the last few grams of yarn to be allocated to the first sock.
I also cast-on for a plain blue sock, with a figure-8 cast-on, planned to be my first heel-flap sock. I think I'll just do plain ribbing even though it'll make for a boring sock - I just want to get the whole heel-flap thing over with and figure it out for once. No pictures of that one either - I'm not thrilled with it, because the first two rows of stitches from the "figure 8" balloon out a little. I know I've seen tutorials on getting rid of that, so I'll seek one out - I just wish I could remember how I did it when I learned that same cast-on from a little old Turkmen lady when I learned how to knit Turkmen socks, because I didn't have that problem then. Beh.

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Teal said...

I weighed my Opal socks today. I've used 35 grams for the first sock and have 58.5 grams remaining so I'm going to attempt to match the stripes.