Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well, now it doesn't matter that my husband always forgets the camera at work... I got my own! Thank you Dad, the check will be in the mail shortly! Here's a picture, a decent picture, and not only that but taken at work on a grey rainy day! (Have I used enough exclamation points yet?)

Those are my Bearfoot socks, one down and one with the heel about to be turned. Here's the cuff; this picture's blurry when you look at it bigger but that's okay.

Next up will be knitting (or maybe sewing...wouldn't extraneous loose fibers be bad for it?) a cozy for the new camera so I can carry it in my purse!


Teal said...

Wow! Great pictures and the socks look amazing. I want some Bearfoot yarn now.

Knit Nurse said...

Yay, that's the BEST thing about a new camera - new cosy opportunity!

Jakki said...

Ooh, I like the color of the socks! I finished a pair of Bearfoot in Flathead Cherry recently. Love the feel of the yarn. Wore them yesterday, infact, and had Happy Feet!