Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sometimes I like people. And then I don't.

Warning: I've been emotional on the 'extreme' end of the scale lately.

I saw this snowman today and thought it was so cute, especially in Brooklyn... then on the way back, saw it had been stomped into the ground, carrot nose and all. Maybe that's why it looks so sad - it knew its destiny was heartles and cruel destruction? Anyway, I'm lucky I didn't start crying in the street. This past week, reading Little House in the Big Woods to my third graders made me tear up, as did a little kid mispronouncing Sweetie's name (I have privacy/paranoia issues, so if Sweetie's name was Mustafa, which it isn't, the kid would have been calling him "Mr. Mufafa" and it was just so cute.)

I've been busier than usual, so I'm just knitting along on the Bearfoot socks, trying to get them done for Sock a Month (I explained it to my students when they asked why I whipped out my knitting every break; they got excited and asked me what prize I would get if I "won." They were so disappointed when I told them yarn - "That's the lamest prize ever!" At which I can only laugh). I'm taking a weekend class in Manhattan, which, as much as I regret signing up for it the night before when I realize how much of my weekend it's going to take up, has been really good for me if only because it forces me to go somewhere besides work. More about that another time, maybe.

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Teal said...

Great pictures. Winning sock yarn isn't the greatest prize in the world? Hang in there. Hormonal fluctuations too shall pass.