Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another minor update

Here's a picture of how the Cape Cod socks are looking - one is ready to be bound off and I'm catching the other up - this time I'm determined to really knit until I run out of yarn, rather than until I run out of patience. I think they're going to be quite long.

Here's the Bearfoot sock - the colors are a bit washed out from the sun, it's more intense in real life and the brown foot doesn't stand out quite as much.

I'm currently mulling over what to cast-on next, and I think I've decided on Great Adirondack Yarn's Soxie in Tropicana (the bright blue and rainbow-y one from my pictures) with black toes and heels, but I might do something plain instead. Whatever appeals to my ADD knitting brain at the time.


Teal said...

Both pairs of socks are looking good but I really like the Bearfoot ones. Somebody has good taste!
Pay your debt and we'll talk about stitch markers.

Emilee said...

Wow, that colorway of Bearfoot is gorgeous. I'll have to try it.

nicole said...

I love love love looking at your sock yarn! So great!