Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Praise be!

I've been making dark threats about what I'm going to do if this week were to be as bad as the last two, but finally the streak has broken! Today many, many wonderful things happened; I think I need a list.

1. I got a Valentine's present, and it is jewelry.
2. I got another Valentine's present, and it's yarn. Two skeins of gorgeous sock yarn. (I'll explain about pictures below.)
3. I finally confronted someone who's supposed to share a responsibility with me and has been consistently ditching me, AND I did it fearlessly and cleverly so it was almost a joke but they got the point, and I am so incredibly proud of myself because I'm usually too afraid to confront anyone! Much less cleverly!
4. I have another Valentine coming, and it's also jewelry (I'm 99% sure).
5. The program I was supposed to participate in Valentine's Day evening (!!) is CANCELLED so I can have my date with Sweetie as planned!
6. SCHOOL IS CANCELLED TOMORROW! (Cold weather) Which means I can finish Sweetie's Valentine socks, I can RELAX, I can take pictures of my new yarn in good light, I can do whatever I want!
7. I came home after school to a totally free evening, Interweave Knits and Glamour were in my mailbox, and there's good tv tonight.

So whatever it is I was being punished for by means of the past two weeks... it's over. I hope.


Teal said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. I have a snow day too!

Knit Nurse said...
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Knit Nurse said...

(previous post removed cos I accidentally typed my password into the comment - doh!)

Well done on sorting out the things you had control over! I always ask myself 'what's the worst thing that can happen?'. Usually the worst thing is that you won't do the confronting and stick with the suffering instead..and that really sucks.