Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yarn! Yarn! Yarn!

Well, I was hoping to get good light today, but the storm is thwarting me so I had to use a flash and my pictures aren't that good. But the important thing is that I have new yarn! [Edit: I got better light, so I switched out the pictures]

First is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild Raspberry - my skein seems to have more blue, green and rust in the mix than others I've seen online, and I love it! In real life the burgundy color is much more intense.

Then there's Hill Country Yarns' Sweet Feet Sock Yarn (love the name) in Chocolate Covered Kisses.

Now I just have to decide whether to wait until their colors come along in Project Spectrum, or to "cheat" on PS - I doubt I have the self control to wait long, so that only leaves a decision about which one to use first....


Teal said...

Very pretty. No pics for me today- not enough light.

em-geek said...

Wah, everyone else is getting snowdays! We had a few inches wet snow and then a cold snap, so everything is covered in ice but nothing was cancelled.

I love the mix of colors in the Wild Raspberry skein! It looks like the inside of my closet :)