Monday, January 01, 2007

The Sister's Boyfriend Socks Are Done!

Just in time to claim them as 2006 FOs and not 2007. And it does indeed look like blocking will take care of the identical-everything-not-matching problem, yay!

And I FINALLY got my very own Very Best Sock Kit and I love it. The yarn is Rosie, and the bag is a very pretty bright red/pink abstract swirly wave pattern with shimmery gold highlights. Maybe tomorrow (ie today in the morning) I'll try to post a picture. (I say I finally got it because the shipping ended up taking forever due to the big snowstorm in Colorado, then when it did finally arrive (at my workplace) I was on vacation and the office was closed anyway. But today there was a community event in the school gym and I managed to sneak into the teachers' room and *yoink* my package.)

My Rosie looks much less pink/red and more cream, green and blue than the picture I linked to...but I like it better this way. How it knits up remains to be seen, but it sure is pretty!


em-geek said...

Yay! BF will be happy to get his geeky socks.

I still can't believe he recognized the fibonacci sequence so fast. I mean, I *knew* he was a geek, but still...

rahime said...

PLEASE PLEASE harass me about whether I've woven in the ends and sent them out!