Friday, December 29, 2006

FO Number Two!

The Sister's Boyfriend's first sock. It seems to fit pretty well, judging by looks at least. And he was able to guess what was nerdy about them, when prodded... now to finish the other one.

Oh, and it's also Knitty's Universal Pattern, in 3x3 rib. Knitpicks again, only Essential. I'm now wishing I hadn't blocked the one sock, because the yarn bloomed and I didn't have a blocked swatch to measure for before-and-after comparison, and the sizing on my second one now seems off (even though I'm matching rows, this worries me) but I'm telling myself the blooming will take care of it, BUT I'm not totally reassured by that. That was a little confusing. It seems both narrow and short, although it's the same number of stitches every possible way. Blocking will take care of this, right?

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