Monday, December 18, 2006

Still-life with sock

Here's a blurry picture of the progress on Sister's Boyfriend's sock. (Camera phone again... I guess I'm procrastinating on work, but I get these sudden urges to blog stuff when I have a planning period at school....)

I want to show it on a foot, but every time I try it on I give up because I'm afraid my massively wide feet will snap those dpns like the little twigs they are. That was one of the best things about Magic Loop. I wish I could find a size 0 40" Addi - Knitpicks' biggest size seems to be 32" and maybe I'm doing something weird, but I find I pull a little much on the joins even with 40" needles.

Anyway I need to find out how high up the leg he wanted these to go. I'm also afraid they're a little long in the foot, but hopefully I'm just being paranoid because of the long-and-skinny effect that the ribbing pulling in gives it.

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