Saturday, December 16, 2006

After days of playing tag

the flu has caught me. I avoided it for quite awhile...drinking Airborne, sleeping extra. My poor sweetie was sick for days before I got it. But finally I ended up with a splitting headache, raging fever, and sore throat - I got up to go to work and he sent me back to bed and called in sick for me (Do I hear a chorus of 'awwww'?). And I proceeded to sleep until 3.

Now I think I'm feeling better... but that could just be the two straight days of X-files dvds and knitting. Although I didn't pick up the knitting until the second day - I'm turning the heel on my sister's boyfriend's sock and really I should be quite a bit further. It's already Hanukkah - so I have less than a week to finish them (and mail them!) if I want to acheive any semblance of being on time. I might settle for being fashionably late. Or I could mail one on time and send the other on later! Only I'll probably need it for stripe matching reference... beh.


em-geek said...

You're allowed to get him christmas presents! I think he just likes presents.

rahime said...

Em, how high does he like his socks? Does he roll over the cuffs of regular socks or leave them pulled up?