Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've been not busy per se as much as overwhelmed - although fasting has gotten much easier for the past 10 days or so, it's still hard to keep up with my normal daily routine.

My Knitpicks order arrived, so I've made a little progress on my circular shrug. Mom's socks have been set aside for now, unfinished and needing to be ripped back. I cast on for Dad's on dpns and am midway up the foot - I have to admit, I like dpns better. I think I'd rather work the two separately but simultaneously on two sets of dpns than do Magic Loop, which is sad because Magic Loop is really pretty neat. Oh well...

My current goal on the wrap sweater is to finish the one I spontaneously decided to knit for a friend before the 23rd or 24th, since that'll be Eid (Ramazan bayram) and I want to gift it then. The back of mine is knit but set aside until hers is finished.

In other news... I finally got my long-awaited last year's birthday present! Sweetie promised me a diamond ring one very romantic night in Manhattan last year - and then I waited... and waited... and waited. And then I finally asked where it was. And then I waited some more. And then I realized it was a week before my NEXT birthday, and I still hadn't gotten it, and I laid my foot down. He wanted to get it from Turkey, and we couldn't go this year... so I had to point out which guys we know bought their wives or fiancees nice jewelry HERE, and if they could do it, he could do it... so one week after THIS year's birthday, I finally have a diamond ring. And it's so pretty and shiny and makes my hand look elegant and feminine, and I'm very happy.

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