Friday, October 20, 2006

A Bright Day for Knitting

I'm out of my knitting funk! I took another look at Mom's almost-done socks, which I had decided to rip back because they had "so many" dropped stitches, and could only find two. TWO. One of which I fixed right then. I must have been in a really bad mood (and being somewhat of a drama queen) when I made that decision. So happily, I can just keep knitting since they're almost done and since I have at least 2 and a half more pairs to knit before mid-December.

I'm also reconsidering the Magic Loop vs. dpns verdict - picking up the Magic Loop socks and knitting on addis again after bamboo dpns? Really, really nice. I love the feel of the metal needles and how smoothly the yarn moves over them. And it sure is nice to have both socks done at once...

It's looking like I may just finish that wrap sweater in plenty of time for Eid - although nobody seems sure exactly when Eid's going to be. Sunday? Monday? Something like that. The kiddies at school love to ooh and ahh over how fast I knit it - they're used to typical progress on size 1's with fingering weight yarn, so the sudden switch to 10.5s and two strands of yarn makes a big impact.

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