Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Confession Time!

Those Trekking socks which Hilary so kindly admired (by the way, those other socks were Claudia's Handpaint Sport and the toes/heels were sportweight Lorna's Laces! And I'm starting to think I really need comments I can answer with e-mail...) - those socks have problems. Well, one problem, which I artfully disguised with photography when I posted them and tried to pretend wasn't there.

Why am I confessing now? Well, those craftalong socks I haven't posted yet are done, and they too have problems. I'm starting to think the past several weeks of my life have been a time of general imperfection, and that it's time I face up to it and try to do better. So I'm vowing to try to do whatever I do with more attention, because these sock problems are getting ridiculous.

If you've ever considered doing your gussets wrong as a design feature, I can tell you there is apparently a reason (beyond the aesthetic) that they're placed how they are - the messed up sock is a huge pain to get onto my foot. It will go on my foot, just not very willingly. Why didn't I rip? Well, by the time I noticed (and yes... if it's occurred to you to ask, this was the sock I was knitting while absorbed in The Deathly Hallows!) I was simply too lazy to rip all the way back. I didn't think it would matter that much.

It did. I think, at some point, I'm going to have to learn to frog.

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