Thursday, July 05, 2007

I really wanted to post today, but I don't have much in the way of knitting progress (I picked up the Geranium socks and have been halfheartedly knitting along because I realized there are 10 days left of the Lime and Violet Sock Marathon and I could get another pair in if I work on them instead of the single Fleece Artist sock) mostly because of this:

I've dived, maybe a little obsessively, into sewing! I got a sewing machine at the Black Friday sales back in November, but haven't found the time to do much with it until now. So far I've made a skirt and top (not pictured; maybe I can get Sweetie to help me with that), and am in the middle of two bags. I'm stalled waiting for an answer to a question about bias tape (I think my go-to sewing question answerers are going to kill me if I call them AGAIN, so I resorted to online forums. The downside of which is that I have to wait until someone responds) so I took a blogging break which is soon to become a knitting break. Then maybe a cleaning-the-house break!

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Sarah and Jack said...

Maybe I can help with your bias tape problem? Post it here or shoot me an email.