Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I don't have much to show for myself

The combination of the end of school and (finally!) getting my invite to Ravelry means I'm neither knitting much nor blogging about it.

Just a small start on the second Silk sock. The Geranium ones are coming along too, and I've just barely casted on (but not done anything else) on this:

The yarn is Cider Moon (Glacier, the sport weight) in an amazing colorway called "Casablanca." The socks are for Sweetie- reluctantly, I decided to knit something for him. I have a shamefully extensive stash, and bought most of it with the intent to knit for myself, so I decided it was selfish of me to begrudge him this one skein, even though I'm crazily in love with the intensity of the blue.

Random Thought of the week: I took some kids to Astroland, home of the Cyclone! in Coney Island. It was crowded and dirty and didn't have rules about minimal clothing or cussing like 6 Flags did (went on a field trip there a few weeks ago), and some of the people were kind of sketchy - the whole place had a kind of X-Files "something sinister going on just under the surface" vibe - but it was so much more fun! And way, way cheaper. The kids had fun, without $40 tickets and 2 hour lines for rides. I really, truly enjoyed myself (6 Flags was pretty hellish) - although I'm turning into a curmudgeon. Much to the embarassment of my pre-teen students, I turned around in line to ask some kids behind us to stop cursing (they were yelling a particulary unsavory, to my taste, anatomical term). It worked great - their jaws dropped and they immediately shut up, and then behaved much better (they were little - 4th grade or so) and I teased them about having bad luck for being in line behind a teacher because teachers are bossy - but I got a hissed "Ms Rahime! They're not your students!" and "You're embarassing me!" from my own students. Ha. I told them everyone starts doing embarassing things in public without caring when they get old. (I'm 27.) Although they might have a point, because I find myself wanting to lecture youngsters of varying ages about their behavior on a regular basis. Sweetie even had to restrain me from lecturing a smoking 11-year-old in Turkey once...


Hilary said...

Good for you for speaking up! I love old amusement parks.

I love your stripey socks, too. And the blue! Wow. How beautiful.

Teal said...

I fear you are turning into your mother.
About time Sweetie got some more socks.

Knit Nurse said...

hee hee, well done for bawling out the kids. I find the hard stare is quite effective too - mind you I've spen 40 years developing that one....!