Sunday, May 06, 2007

Still no pictures

but after saying that I was having a nervous breakdown, I figured I'd better post something. There's no real progress on anything but the swap socks, which are not-yet-to-be-pictured. I don't think I've made any progress on other projects - the motivating factor of my nervous breakdown being feeling overwhelmed by work, I've been too busy.

So far this weekend I've spent my free time on housework, cooking, moving furniture with Sweetie (which prompted more tears when he asked, while shifting part of my stash, if I was going to use up all my yarn before buying more - honestly I don't know what's wrong with me, but I burst into tears and sobbed "You don't like my yarn!" And of course, poor guy, he swore up and down that he did like my yarn, that he loved my yarn, so I would stop crying. Sigh. I don't know what's with me but I can't wait until it's over!) and going through household junk to recycle. But I'm planning on getting some knitting done tonight so hopefully next week won't be as boring a blog week as this past one was!


nicole said...

I love your new colour scheme! Awww, "you don't like my yarn!" That makes me want to wrap you up in a hug! I hope you're feeling lots better soon!

Teal said...

Can't wait to see the swap sock.