Saturday, May 26, 2007

Random thoughts

that have nothing to do with knitting!
*Sweetie is back from a week in our old stomping grounds in Central Asia, safe and sound, and I am SO HAPPY! Although being forced to do things like drive myself around, bring my own packages to the post office and run out and buy random groceries myself when I want them was probably good for me.
*Whoever dented my driver's side door so that it won't open more than 6 inches, I usually try not to use such crude language, but YOU SUCK! Because I'm soooo happy to have to climb over from the passenger's side in an ankle length skirt while everyone in the parking lots of the supermarket, Dunkin Donuts, and the JFK Airport stares at the girl in a headscarf who knows how to drive, which is apparently an exotic creature worthy of being in a zoo. (I have had people point and laugh! Although maybe I should mention that that was in New Jersey...)
*Getting a sunburn only on the center of your face, with a pale ring around the edges where your scarf was, looks really freakish. I have to stop doing that.
*Turkish people are everywhere. In the past two days, I have had a car full of my students scream my name while I walked down the street, run into two people I know while buying groceries, picked up two girls from a bus stop and driven them home, run into two other people in the airport, and most memorably had a random Turkish ice cream truck guy sell all of my students ice cream at a steep discount while we waited for our school bus to pick us up from a field trip. Then there was the elderly Albanian guy who stood and watched us for quite awhile on said field trip before asking if any of us was Albanian - and of course, one of the Turkish girls was half Albanian! I've been using the term "Turkish Mafia" to describe this phenomenon but maybe I need something more all-encompassing.

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