Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And a nervous breakdown!

I have almost no new knitting to show, because I'm basically having a (work-related, and possibly hormone-related) nervous breakdown this week, but today they sent me home early to "rest" and I managed to actually get some housework done! and also noticed this new sock pattern. I feel really good about having an actual pattern in my "queue" rather than just yarn. And now I can ponder which yarn to use for it and hum to myself during my "mental health vacation" and be glad that I'm at home, alone, with no one to make me feel self-conscious about my eccentric nervous-breakdown behavior. Sigh.


Teal said...

Hang in there. I like this sock as well but wonder if the cabling on top the foot would be uncomfortable in shoes.

Jakki said...

How many weeks till school is out?? Or do you go year-round? Knitting seems to work wonders for calming me, hope it does for you, too.