Monday, February 19, 2007

Sock Marathon update

I decided to count my Me Socks, since they were knit in January after all. So I had a total of 6 miles of sock yarn, and in the meantime I've acquired 750 more yards (forgive me for not converting that) and knit 880 (the Me socks and Sweetie socks), which is about half a mile. So I've knit more than I acquired, and I should be somewhere around 5.5 miles. Not bad... even if the distance I've knit is actually a distance I think I could maybe run in real life, i.e. pathetic. (I may be overestimating the distance I could run, though - in college I ran 30 minutes a day and in my head I'm still there.) But what was all that talk of 5 miles in three months? Seems insane to me... maybe if I didn't have a job, but as it is I knit at my job, probably a lot more than I should. Better to get off of the computer and go knit the socks I cast on within ten minutes of finishing the last pair!

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