Friday, February 02, 2007

Project Spectrum! (And SAM3)

Yesterday was the first day of both. A day late and a dollar short, I'm casting on some blue-gray socks.

I don't anticipate getting very far today; after school I'm helping another teacher with her very (very very) ambitious plan of taking a group of students to the movies, then immediately after that Sweetie and I are going on a home visit (to one of my students for once!) so I might, might finish one toe today. But this weekend should be fairly low-stress - if it starts to be otherwise I'll make up reasons I am busy, and stay home and knit.

As far as Project Spectrum goes, I anticipate sticking to blue for the first two months. I've never been much into white or gray, and don't have any in my stash.

SAM3 only gives you credit for the first pair of socks you knit in a month, and I'm so glad - it takes some stress off. You only have to knit one pair, but I know I'd plan more and then freak out if I couldn't finish them. And really, a pair a month is the most one should aim for. Otherwise things just get out of control. (Oh, and the Sock Marathon? I'm up past 7 miles of yarn now. I don't even know for sure, and I'm not going to calculate it until I've knit some of it away. I guess this pair is the beginning of my marathon, too. Hooray for multitasking! It makes me feel productive.)

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