Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One (almost all the way) down...

One heel is (almost) turned. I have some thoughts about heels and variegated sock yarn...I don't like the thicker striping on the short-row heels and toes, but I DO like how the consistent number of stitches keeps the color patterning the same on yarns with consistent color repeats. Heel flaps would look nicer on the heel bit, but the gussets would mess up my pleasingly consistent stripes. Is there a happy medium? I don't know much about heel variations, unfortunately.

Anyway, I'm (possibly unduly) extremely excited about these socks because they're FOR ME! When they're done I can wear them! Don't away my first three pairs didn't seem hard, but now I think I was repressing the psychic pain. Here's hoping I'm done with them soon... although my plan is to take them as high up the leg as I can get them. I had quite decent amounts of yarn left from my other Knitpicks Memories socks, so we'll see.

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smug sheep said...

nice colourway! I can't think of a way to stripe the heel without getting thicker stripes either I'm afraid