Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I stand corrected,

not about being a genius, but about Dad's socks being HUGE...because once they were off the needles, I tried them on...and they fit ME. Are a little tight, even. So I have giant freakish Sasquatch feet...argh.

One Dad sock is done, and I'm on the toe of the other. The Sister's Boyfriend socks are blocked and now I have to weave in the ends and send them. Hopefully that won't take longer than knitting them did, although with me it easily could.

I made myself a list of things I'd like to try in 2007 (knitting things, I mean):

*Try out non-Knitpicks sock yarn, especially: Trekking, Lorna's Laces, Koigu. I may be missing one or two here. Basically anything that IS NOT KNITPICKS! I love Knitpicks but I need to branch out.

*Cables! Still haven't done them, ever.

*More socks, and experiment with toes and heels besides short-row. I don't always like the appearance of heel-flaps, but I'm sure they have some advantages (um, anyone know what those might be?) and I should at least know how to do them.

*Dyeing my own (sock) yarn.

*Do some KALs and somewhat social things (even if they only exist in cyberspace - that's close enough, and possibly too close, for socially awkward me).

*Try Magic Loop on two circulars instead of one

*Elizabeth Zimmerman Moccasin socks. I have some pretty yarn that I've heard can felt on the soles, so these seem like the perfect solution.

*I have another sock idea I must try, but I'm keeping that secret until I see if it works!


Anonymous said...

Genius, huh?

Teal said...

Sounds like worthy goals for 2007. Cables are not difficult and they are fun to knit. I'm hoping to make a cable sweater sometime in 2007.

rahime said...

Did you decide to go with the Central Park Hoodie?

Lolly said...

Well, you started off with the resolution for joining more things! Thanks for being a part of Project Spectrum!

Teal said...

No, I haven't definitely committed to Central Park Hoodie but I did start a Besotted Scarf last night in Cascade 220 Superwash for the Red Scarf Project and the cabling in that is turning out awesome.

rahime said...

You should start your own blog!